The Idols Aside Ministries Sons Without Fathers program has become a central focus of the ministry as a whole and a model for other ministries to follow since it's launch over five years ago.   The goal of the SWF Program is very simple yet extremely profound… to see young men who have not had the guidance of an earthly father learn they have a heavenly Father  who longs to have a relationship with them!  The heart of the program involves taking these young men out into creation and while teaching them about God's incredible creation, instilling in them the truths that just as He created ALL things with a purpose, it is them who He made as His masterpiece if only they will trust Him to guide each step of their life!  The athletes and staff that have been involved in this powerful program have been among some of the most changed and blessed since the birth of this program in 2009.


God has given Idols Aside Ministries a specific vision for a very significant need in our state, our nation and the world.  There presently are no Christ centered support systems for young adults who age out of foster programs.  The "Road to Independence" is a government program meant to provide funding for these adults who have "aged out" with the purpose of providing funds to assist them in establishing their independent life. In order to continue receiving these funds they must meet certain criteria, unfortunately due to no accountability, they fail and therefore loose the funds  putting themselves at risk for being on the streets or being dependent on someone else in an unhealthy relationship... Discover more here.


Over the course of 6 years, each time we have had the privilege of hosting kids who come from single mom homes on retreats or events, Mark and Becky have left with the same impression.  These moms are our earthly heroes!    Most of them are working multiple jobs while doing "double duty" at home… it has been amazing to take their middle and high school teens away and invest in them for weekends at a time, also offering mom a little catch up time at home.  However, God is calling us to dig deeper into these families and offer our SUPERMOM programs so that we can start bringing "her" younger children on retreats as well. HERE is what these weekends will look like:
~ Mom and kids attend retreats (for free) at the IAM LODGE Facility
~ Time together in Gods Word - offering mom resources of things she can build into her busy schedule that will get her along with her kids in God's Word DAILY!
~ Time to Breath - that is a break for mom with godly women offering some TLC and pampering to mom while her children are being taught about God's creation outdoors and having the time of their life playing hard and getting dirty… ALL of course with a Christ centered theme of learning to LOVE God's creation along with the CREATOR who made IT and made THEM with a very specific purpose.
This program is going to allow us to get involved in the lives of these fatherless children even earlier than before… while trying to help set a tone of a CHRIST CENTERED HOME, no matter what their home has looked like or been centered around in the past!
Please contact or for more info about the SUPERMOM program.  Whether you are a Supermom needing this time of investment in your family, a lady who can come and offer free pampering services a few times a year to these heroes, or a man who wants to be a "Creation Coach" and teach kids all about the amazing creation and Creator… please let us know!