April 2018 Newsletter

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We are rejoicing that throughout the start of the year we have been able to see numerous youth give their hearts and lives to Jesus during Son’s Without Fathers Events at the IAM Ranch in Florida as well as numerous locations in Kentucky!

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Even beyond that we rejoice to see measurable growth within the youth as a result of choosing to surrender the old ways of the flesh and allow Christ to make them the new creation He promises!  Measurable growth, you say. What does that even look like in the youth we serve? I am SO glad you asked, here are a few case in point examples (Minus names for confidentiality we commit to):

We recently attended a multi-agency staffing of one of the youth in our SWF (Son’s Without Fathers Program) in Kentucky. Here are a few of the gains that were listed from other agencies that have been struggling trying to reach this young man (through school intervention programs or government organizations) for years:

  • “His confidence has increased in the classroom setting and grades are on the consistent rise”
  •  “Showing respect for teachers”
  • “No longer physically abusive toward his mother”
  • “Has walked away from friend groups that were encouraging fighting/violence”
  • “Has asked, for the first time they can recall, to be involved in an extracurricular activity through the school"

* Mom says he is in the Word on a consistent basis and has even LED HER in devotions!

Oh dear friends!  That is GROWTH that can ONLY come from our loving Heavenly Father and we PRAISE Him and give Him ALL the glory!

OR how about when Jeff called to tell us one of the youth that Mark and Becky had served previously in Florida had asked him about them and told him he was PRAYING for the Wrights as they started serving kids in Kentucky!  

This young man is in foster care…and yet he is asking Jeff how he can pray for our staff!  That is fruit, dear friends, fruit we rejoice over and plead with our Father to see more and more of growing in the lives of the kids who have made decisions for Christ!


Upcoming Prayer Topics.

Boot’s N Brunch

Hosted by our Ladies for the Least at Ardella Baptist Church in Lakeland on April 14, 2018 at 10 a.m.  Pray that L4L members will invite others and grow this incredible support team to IAM!  Also pray for God to work mightily that day in the hearts of those in attendance.

There is an amazing group of women going to serve the young girls at the Sheriffs Youth Villa.  These women are building intentional relationships and showing Christs love there on a regular basis.  Please pray for them and especially for the girls they are serving!

IAM Kentucky

Meet the Pros evangelistic outreach teaming up with Southland Baptist Temple to have professional fisherman share the gospel in Paducah, Kentucky

Horseback riding retreats

In Kentucky have we’ve been introduced to a new partnership with Oscar Cross boys and girls club where we will try to cultivate relationships with 120 youth that are there weekly.  The majority are fatherless…this starts in April twice monthly feeding them dinner and sharing gospel message!  We will be plugging kids into retreats when the Lord opens doors.


IAM Kentucky & Florida

Upcoming hunting retreats (hog hunting in Florida, turkey hunting in both KY AND FL)

Worship Nights with pro athletes and musicians

Summer Sports Camps in BOTH locations

Will you also join us in praying for added staff in both locations to reach more kids… God continuities to confirm that we want Him to call them to the team, not for us to recruit. Please pray those called will clearly hear His direction and follow in obedience to take the step of faith this ministry requires daily!

Praying Big

For a Ranch/Lodge to be donated somewhere in Western Kentucky where we can serve kids more consistently, without waiting for borrowed facilities to be available. (Yet in the meantime, please PRAISE God with us that He has been faithfully sending partners to let us utilize facilities in efforts to be good stewards as we start this work here!)

Our Nationwide #Fatherlessnomore campaign will be launched very soon!

Please pray that pastors and churches will be receptive to this and God will be preparing hearts to hear of this incredible need and determine to be used by God to change the fatherless culture we see in our country today!

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