The Idols Aside Ministries Sons Without Fathers program has become a central focus of the ministry as a whole and a model for other ministries to follow since it's launch nearly a decade ago.


The goal of the SWF Program is very simple yet extremely profound…to see young men who have not had the guidance of an earthly father learn they have a heavenly Father who long to have a relationship with them!  The heart of the program involves taking these young men out into God's incredible creation, teaching and instilling in them the truths that just as He created ALL things with a purpose, it is them who He made as His masterpiece, if only they will trust Him to guide each step of their life!  The athletes and staff that have been involved in this powerful program have been among some of the most changed and blessed since the birth of this program in 2009.



Will you be MENTORING or DISCIPLING the Fatherless Youth you have been entrusted to show the love of Christ?


First of all, let us take this pressure off of you… you are OFFERING to do one of these, but the ultimate decision is up to the youth you have sought out in order to show the love of Christ to! To begin, you must first discover one important piece of information - have they accepted Christ as their Savior?


IF YES: (and as long as they are willing)

Your goal is to be DISCIPLING that young person. What does discipling include?  

We like to use a model taught in a book we use for personal discipleship called “Growing Up’ by Robby Gallaty.  It pushes you “CLOSER” daily to Christ as we all seek to know Him better on our daily journey as believers.  It focuses on these 6 key areas of growth for a believer at any stage in their faith journey:

  • Communicate with God through PRAYER
  • Learn to understand and apply God’s Word to your life
  • Obey God’s commands
  • Store God’s Word in your heart
  • Evangelize (share Christ with others)
  • Renew yourself spiritually every day

For more information on how you can become a disciple who makes disciples, read the book “Growing Up’ by Robby Gallaty or visit their ministry website for more resources at


IF NO:  

You are offering MENTORSHIP to this youth.

Mentorship is defined as:  “the guidance provided by a mentor”.  A good mentor is patient and consistent and see the bigger picture of the child's life. 

  • Earn their trust
  • Pray daily for them
  • Share the Gospel
  • Lead them