Idols Aside was blessed beyond words last Friday Night to be given the opportunity to bring eight guests from the "Lakeland Grace Academy" to a Buccaneer football game!  We were given the royal treatment with free t-shirts for the girls, bucs cash for food and most importantly to the girls, time with some of the players.  Our true host for the night was Tampa Bay Buccaneer Linebacker, Adam Hayward.  Adam, an Idols Aside Ministry Advisory Counsel Member gave the girls priority seating in "Hayward's Huddle of Hope".  

Whoever may think you can't have a TON of fun with a bunch of girls at a football game needs to sit a few rows back and watch this crew!  We had a blast with these precious girls!  Before the game Adam ran by on the field and threw one of his gloves up in the stands.  Mark caught it, and it was going to be hard to choose who got we started a game, whoever guessed the BUCS final score the closest won "the glove"!  I am thrilled to announce one or our attendees hit it DEAD ON!!! Watching the girls reaction as their numbers were close by, or passed was hilarious!

After the game, the ladies were able to go to the family area where they got time with Adam and with Buccaneer Punter, Mike Koenen who is also a partner and friend of IAM!  Mike and Adam signed memorabilia for the girls and encouraged them greatly!  The girls asked if they could "bless Adam back" by praying over him before leaving him that night. I think it is safe to say, everyone involved was equally blessed!  On the way back out to the van, Mark and I were able to give the girls scripture and a charge that reminded them that one of Satan's biggest lies is that once you give your life to Christ, there is no more fun or joy to be had.  That night, each of them kept saying things like "this is the most fun I have had in SO long" or "this is the best night ever"... and we were able to pray for Adam before the game, pray with him after the game. All of this was the result of an athlete that wants so desperately to use the platform God has given him to its fullest!

Join us in praying for these precious girls daily, and for the athletes who are out there wanting to make a difference!   Adam in action at the game... GO #57!!! "Haywards Huddle of Hope" went WILD on this play!!


Wes Lowry