How many blessings have I slept through...?

Thursday night was our 3rd Vision Banquet for Idols Aside Ministries (blog will be up soon about that night).  Friday, we had to leave our home by 5:30 a.m. to catch a plane bound for our Sons Without Fathers Hunting retreat to be held in Tennessee (blog about that weekend to come soon as well ;).  SO, needless to say, last week was a busy one, but I write to you today praising God that NONE of this craziness took God by surprise. As a matter of fact, as always, His strength was shown perfect in our weakness! (II Cor. 12:9)

I have to confess, I stumbled on the plane Friday morning thinking, "If I can just get to my seat and quickly get through my devotions, I can go to sleep!".  As we were trudging to the back of the plane, Mark stopped in the isle and I heard him say "Hey man, are you Matthew West?"  This is SO like my husband to stand, introduce me to one of my favorite Christian music artists and strike up conversation with him, while I am sleepy eyed and just wanting to get to a NAP!  He was very kind and gracious, and we quickly moved on and settled in the back of the plane which was not very crowded for a Monday a.m. red eye flight!

I quickly set to work on my bible study material, still thinking about that nap awaiting me.  The flight attendants got finished with their drink orders and deliveries quickly, and just as I was finishing my devotions I heard a kind voice ask me "excuse me mam, is that some sort of homework you are doing from the Bible?"  "Well, kind of, but it is not really required homework, it's from a study I am voluntarily doing at my church.  Do you know the author of this book?" was my reply.  With a HUGE smile on his face, our flight attendant told me that he had just accepted Christ as His Savior at Easter this past year, and was baptized shortly after.  He told me his life story and how he ran from the Lord for years, but how he is now serving our Savior faithfully and seeking to know him better.  By the end of the conversation, we were both in tears!

He then turned the conversation to me and asked where we were headed and what the lAM logo was on our shirts, hats, etc.  I started sharing with him about Idols Aside and about the group of young men we were headed to share Christ's love with.  Once again, tears followed from my new friend, David.  He explained to me how he really shouldn't have been on this flight, but the series of events that led him to be on it that day... he then told of how he KNOWS now why he was on it.  You see, with his schedule it's hard for him to consistently serve at his church, but he said the one thing he can do is help our ministry with flights to reach out to these kids! YES, he offered to allow Mark and I to fly on his "buddy passes" ANY time we need to fly for Idols Aside!  I WAS IN SHOCK!  God's provision should NOT shock me as it still does, but He never ceases to amaze me!

Here is what God ever so gently laid on my heart the rest of the weekend as I reflected on my brother in Christ, David, coming into our lives and ministry... HOW many times has my sweet Savior so graciously given me SO much, when I have met him in His Word out of obligation?  I confessed to you that I was getting in God's Word that morning, just so I could check it off my "to-do" list and get to my nap!  How many times have I neglected to even go to God's Word in obedience and missed what God had for me that day...?  Too many, I am afraid to admit.  

So, I didn't get my nap in... but I can honestly say, that is one less blessing I slept through in life!  Pray for my friend and brother in Christ, David!  Pray God will use him in a mighty way and continue to draw him closer as he seeks to serve his Savior, and is TRULY using his platform to bless others!  That is the true mission of Idols Aside, and we praise God for our new partner and friend!

Becky and new friend of the ministry, David! 

Wes Lowry