A big night, a big dream... a bigger God!

On September 6 we held the 3rd Idols Aside Vision Banquet in Lakeland, Florida.  It was a powerful evening and God's hand prints were all over the preparation that led up to, as well as the event itself!  Ben Zobrist from the Tampa Bay Rays was this years key note speaker, and he did such an incredible job bringing to focus the whole vision of Idols Aside.  He challenged us all to lay aside anything that comes before God in our life, and that is the only way to achieve real peace... setting all idols aside!

We were thankful to have the Zobrist "team" bless us at the banquet!  We got to hear Julianna Zobrist perform her new single "Behind Me" live!  Jules is a Christian music artist and she and husband, Ben, make a powerful team for the kingdom!

We were honored to have there with us retired and current professional athletes who have partnered with IAM, as well as sponsors who have joined the cause, some since the very first banquet!  It is incredible to continue to see God bring the people along side the ministry who not only catch the vision, but help cast it by continuing to tell others about Idols Aside.  It is humbling... please continue to pray that we will be found faithful!

Also, continue to pray that the complete phase 1 goal for the lodge will be met by December 31, 2012.  We announced at the banquet that we have now acquired 93 acres in Lake Wales Florida that will serve as the very first full time retreat facility for IAM.  Not to state the obvious, but the quicker this facility is up and going, the quicker we can see teens out there on a regular basis. PLEASE help us pray that the full financial goal for phase 1 (which is to pay off the land purchased), will be met, even before the Dec. 31 goal!  As soon as the land is paid off, we start the constructing of the lodge!  We saw great strides toward this goal at the banquet, and now stand $145,000 away!  It may sound like a big dream, but thankfully, we serve an even bigger God!Ben Zobrist, Key Note Speaker at Idols Aside Ministries Vision Banquet 2012

Wes Lowry